Social AI Research and Education Network – S-AI-REN – is a network of academics that aims to promote a shift towards a system of philosophically enriched education, moral responsibility, and legal accountability that evolves alongside AI applications.

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At the latest session of ‘S-AI-REN Soundings’, Dr. Miranda Mourby (Law, University of Oxford) presented on AI andJustifying Secondary Uses of Health Data.

These illustrated cards are the backs of an original playing card deck assembling 56 A and I words and chess diagrams, part of a larger experimentation of analogue game investigations about A.I.
This image shows a low angle of a succulent plant against a hazy sky. The scene is refracted in different ways by a fragmented glass grid. This grid is a visual metaphor for the way that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies can be used to extract and analyse biological data in innovative ways, and the repetitive and self-similar structure of these systems. A neural network diagram is overlaid, familiarising the viewer with the formal architecture of AI systems.

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We are a multidisciplinary group of researchers from Computational Biology, Computing, Forensic Sciences, Law, Life Sciences, Medicine, Philosophy, Politics, and Population Health.

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This image shows a portrait of a simulated middle-aged white woman against a black background.